We are pleased to work with forward-thinking research, advertising and PR agencies that add value to luxury and wealth brands. As a mature fieldwork entity, we enjoy and respect our position as a fieldwork provider. While we do work with many end brands directly, we do not provide the value added services that you and your team deliver day in and day out.

Agencies use Altiant for a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from sample only to a more full-service project management approach. Whatever our involvement, we always have one goal: to deliver world-class data


All panels are not created equally, and we take great pride in ours.

We recruit our panel members from luxury and investment websites, as well as by phone and face-to-face means. We then validate our members identities and sanity check their self reported income and asset figures.

While aided by technology, this validation is largely done manually and follows our strict proprietary methodology, which includes identity, address and mobile phone verifications, social media checks, home value assessments, available tax records, etc.. These measures lead to the highest quality members and in turn, produce the highest quality data for your research.

  •     Affluent / HNWI targets
  •     Relevant profiling
  •     15+ markets covered
  •     Proprietary panel
  •     Pin point custom recruitment
  •     Global strategic partnerships


Having Altiant focus on the technical fieldwork elements allows you to maintain your focus on the true value-added and insight development. We work alongside you to assist your clients on the best ways to achieve their strategic marketing goals.

  •     Survey programming
  •     Aesthetic design
  •     Sampling / fieldwork
  •     Data and tab delivery