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Quarterly GLAM Monitor: Q2 2019

Release date: October 2019

Lars Long - Founder & CEO, Altiant

Lars Long - Founder & CEO, Altiant

“Welcome to the newest edition of Altiant’s Global Luxury and Asset Management (GLAM) Monitor. The monitor focuses on the behaviours and sentiments of our panel of validated global Affluent and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). We have now collected a full year’s worth of data in this luxury tracker, with the data becoming more powerful and reliable with each version. We hope that the data continues to assist your business strategies and decisions in the years ahead.

The GLAM monitor contains two main elements for public use. Firstly, there is a quarterly PDF containing the most recent results and key takeaways from this quarter of study. And secondly, all of the data is available within our Interactive online section so that you can reformulate the results according to your own preferences. Age, gender, region and household income filters will enable you to interact with the data and cut it in different ways to identify key variances and trends.

For the methodology, we have continued to survey different members of our global panel whenever possible, interviewing 465 unique respondents between April and June 2019. This brings the total sample to 1,834 interviews across all four quarters of the study to date.

We welcome the free and fair use of our data to meet your individual and business objectives, only asking that you clearly link your readers to the source of the data whenever applicable. As we publish additional iterations, trends will continue to strengthen, enabling you to further enhance your understanding of global luxury consumers. In the event you have any questions about the data, please contact us at”

Altiant Founder and CEO, Lars Long





··       The share of respondents saying that they stick to a budget or are bargain hunters has risen by five percentage points to 32% over the first two quarters of 2019.

·       On a scale of 1-5, almost two thirds rated sustainability at an importance of 4 or 5 over the Q4 2018-Q1 2019 period. This figure dropped to 56% in Q2 2019, with most of this drop instead appearing to revert to an importance rating of 3-4 on the scale.

·       Confidence in the global financial market has waned over the past two quarters. Only 31% of Q2 2019 respondents felt it was very or somewhat stable, with the share of very/somewhat unstable responses rising to standing at 43%.

The share of respondents using business or first-class flights has dipped over the past two quarters, falling further to 50% last quarter (vs 57% in Q3/4 2018).

Note: Percentages in this report are indicative of survey results combining Q3 & Q4 2018 and Q1 & Q2 2019, unless otherwise stated.

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All data presented in this GLAM monitor has been sourced from Altiant’s manually validated in-house panel of Affluent and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), Luxury Opinions©. This iteration reports on Q2 2019 but will also include trended data from the three previous quarters. In order to protect data integrity, all respondents can only answer the survey once a year at most. For any additional questions about this research, please contact

For Q2 2019, 465 affluent/HNWIs were surveyed, with 149 from Europe, 155 from Asia and 161 from North America. 42% of the sample was aged 18-39, with 58% aged over 40. The sample was split 48:52 in terms of gender male:female. Normalised to $US, the median household income in this quarter was $298k. Across all three quarters, the total sample now stands at 1,834 respondents, 42% of whom are aged 18-39 (58% over 40) and gender 49:51 male:female. This brings the average median household income across all four quarters to $299K.

Note: Percentages in this report are indicative of survey results combining all four quarters studied so far, unless otherwise stated.

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Publications contained in the Altiant Knowledge Center are free to use, we simply require proper attribution. In no event shall Altiant be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages in connection with any use of the provided data. Altiant does prohibit the selling of any information contained within or derived from these reports and monitors.