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Quarterly GLAM Monitor: Q3 and Q4 2018

Release date: March 2019

Lars Long - Founder & CEO, Altiant

Lars Long - Founder & CEO, Altiant

Welcome to Altiant’s Global Luxury and Asset Management (GLAM) Monitor which begins to robustly capture sentiments and behaviors of the world’s affluent and high net worth (HNW) populations. This has been a source of inspiration for our company and we are delighted to be sharing these results with you. Our hope and aim are that the information contained in this report will help you with your business strategy, policy objective, editorial content and/or assist with your academic research.

We welcome the free and fair use of our data and reports to meet your individual objectives though kindly ask you clearly link your readers to the source of the data when quoting us.

We hope you find this report interesting and that it helps you to, quantitatively, better understand, the global luxury/wealthy consumer. In the event you have questions about the data, please contact us at

With my very best regards,

Lars Long


All research data presented in this GLAM monitor has been sourced from Altiant’s manually validated in-house panel of Affluent and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), LuxuryOpinions®. This first iteration encompasses Q3 and Q4 2018, with the quantitative online survey carried out continuously over the two quarters presented. In order to protect the integrity of the data, respondents are prevented from participating in the research twice in a single year. For any additional questions about this research, please contact

Publications contained in the Altiant Knowledge Center are free to use, we simply require proper attribution. In no event shall Altiant be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages in connection with any use of the provided data. Altiant does prohibit the selling of any information contained within or derived from these reports and monitors.