LuxuryOpinions® - Affluent panel



LuxuryOpinions®: a one-of-a-kind community

In 2014, Altiant launched, a market research community of affluent and high-net-worth individuals. Our members are recruited by invitation only and primarily join to voice their opinions about topics that matter to them and to help luxury companies build better, more suitable products and services. By joining, members can also network with one another in a safe, private environment while earning amazing rewards. 

Recruitment - By invitation only

Altiant manages an exclusive network of recruitment sources that offer deep access to luxury and wealth audiences. Our LuxuryOpinions members are carefully selected before being invited to join the community. For every respondent, we conduct a manual validation to verify beyond reasonable doubt his or her identity and earning/wealth potential. While this does vary in some countries due to levels of availability of public information and regional social media usage, this forms the basis of our 8-point validation guide to confirm claimed wealth and earnings. Anyone incorrectly matching the profile will be removed from the list of candidates.

Panelist profile - Minimum requirements

Market research and survey sampling among the high-end sections of the population require precision and extreme accuracy.  We only recruit people in the top 5% of their country's income earners or wealth holders. While this varies significantly by market, for minimum entry, our panelists generally comply with at least one of the following 3 measures:

•            Individual annual income: greater than $120,000 (US), €100,000 (DE), £75,000 (UK)

•            Household annual income: greater than $200,000 (US), €150,000 (DE), £120,000 (UK) 

•            Assets under management: greater than $250,000 (US), €200,000 (DE), £100,000 (UK)

From within our affluent panel, we can further segment specific target samples according to your needs. This can be done by purchasing habits - such as luxury fashion and car buyers, active investors with high investable assets - or by demographics - spend levels, lifestyle (e.g. frequent long-haul travellers), higher levels of earnings, etc.

LuxPoints, a sought-after rewards program

LuxuryOpinions members collect LuxPoints throughout their journey and can redeem them on a specially selected array of products, prepaid cards and experiences.

Altiant’s member-centric model triggers loyalty and interest through unique experiences, networking and exclusive information about the luxury and wealth industries.

Geographic coverage

Our panel is expanding in scale and scope daily. Key markets throughout Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East are catered to within Contact us with your specific requirements.