Our Commitment to Privacy & Confidentiality

Altiant's core business within market research can best be described as a data collection company. In this capacity, we come into significant amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as more generally, sensitive personal information. In advance to the GDPR coming into effect, we felt it was important to take a moment in order to highlight our clear positions and policies we have in place to create an air tight seal of privacy and to protect all types of information that we collect, process, and control.

Throughout this page we will provide you with links to more specific resources that will demonstrate our full appreciation of, as well as our complete compliance with the new GDPR requirements. In the event that your privacy / data protection questions are not found easily or are not explained in a way that achieves your information request please reach out to our data protection officer who will begin processing requests after the 15th of May 2018. Please take a moment to review the key subject areas in which we operate within.

B2B Privacy

To set clients' minds at ease, we can say that we have completed a thorough review of our privacy and data protection initiatives and have made the necessary adjustments to ensure GDPR compliance. To view more on this, please scroll down to the bottom section of this page where you will see more detail and links to an assortment of our compliance documentation. 

Unrelated to GDPR but also a very important element related to confidentiality and privacy is to say that we have a very deep and total respect for our clients' privacy.  We are entrusted with collecting very sensitive information for your projects and we take great pride in protecting it. Although we are immensely proud of the work that we conduct on behalf of clients we will not be displaying client logos or publicizing in any way, our work together with anyone that you do not explicitly authorize us to share details with.  

As it relates to your rights as our website visitor and newsletter subscriber we can unequivocally say that we will not share, rent, sell or generally misuse your PII that you consensually shared. We will restrict access to the PII and it will be used simply to reply to your inquiry or to send you the newsletter that you opted in for here. To read our entire privacy policy which covers data collected on this website please click here.

B2C Privacy

We are a very data driven, quantitative field / panel company. We collect just the minimum PII on our LuxuryOpinions members in order to verify their identity. We also ask members to provide sensitive information related to their  financial / employment status, household composition, etc...We afford this data with the utmost protection and treat our responsibility to safeguard this very seriously. To view our comprehensive LuxuryOpinions privacy policy, please click here.

In short form, we will never share a panelist's PII with clients without first obtaining the panelist's explicit consent. Further, all the data sets  we work with outside of our panel software contain very complex pseudonyms for each respondent that takes one of our surveys. This pseudonym can only be decoded inside our panel software. Access to this software is highly restricted and the data is stored securely on European based servers.


We conducted a complete assessment of our entire privacy and data protection ecosystem in advance of the GDPR coming into effect. To request our full GDPR response, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer here (available from May 15, 2018) and to highlight a few of the key changes we have implemented:

  • Upgraded our consumer privacy policy in 11 languages.
  • Obtained vendor compliance / privacy statements. 
  • Updated and translated our Terms of Use.
  • Documented all data points collected and our processes related to safely managing this data.
  • Implemented new policies and processes in order to hold only the minimal amount data and to purge incomplete and unnecessarily collected PII.
  • Implemented more robust data security measures.

We will continue to emphasize and improve on our own internal policies that go beyond standard GDPR compliance and will update this page when key improvements are made.


We hope that this outline of our positions along with the supporting documentation demonstrate that Altiant is a compliant, discrete, respectful and trustworthy partner in the area of data collection. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our DPO at privacy@altiant.com.

Kind regards,

Lars Long, Founder & CEO